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Using Filters For Your Photography

Filters can add an edge and spice to your images straight out of the camera! Here is a brief overview of what some of these filters can do for you. 

UV Filters 

These have virtually no effect on your images, but they do protect your lens from getting damaged. I have dropped a lens before and the filter smashed, but the lens was intact and saved by the filter's ring. (Phew!) 

Skylight Filters

These filters filter the blue tones of the light coming into your lens and lightly warms up your images. 

Diffusion Filters

If you love a soft effect in your images, this is the filter for you! It softens everything in your image to give it that vintage look. 

Rainbow Filters

Hello experimental photographers! These filters will create rainbows from the light being reflected in your photographs. Super vibey and not something you can easily create in post-processing.

Starburst Filters

Any direct light source will become a star shape in your photograph! These are great for night time photography. 

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