FREE FILM with all cameras, and a discount when you buy more than one item.

About Us

We are a LGBTQ+ owned, eco-friendly camera shop based in the UK. We currently sell online and occasionally do pop-up shops around the country. 

Film photography is our passion. We love putting film cameras into the hands of the world's creatives and people who are new to film photography. Getting started in film photography or choosing your first camera can be very daunting, and this is something that has been a driving force to make our shop as accessible as possible.

We opened our shop in 2020 during the first of several national UK lockdowns. We started selling on Depop, then moved to Etsy, and now we are proud to have our very own website. 

The shop is run by Max, who is a graduate from University of the Arts London. During their time at UAL, Max shot over 100 rolls of 35mm film. When their camera broke in 2018, Max repaired it and subsequently helped to repair more and more cameras. Cameras By Max is now their full-time job, helping people find film cameras that suit them. 

You can find us on all social media @camerasbymax