5 of the Best Half-Frame 35mm Film Cameras

You've heard of half-frame film cameras, but just like regular film cameras, there are so many to choose from. Here are our top 5 half-frame film cameras.

Person holding half-frame 35mm film camera

What is a half-frame film camera?

Okay, maybe you haven't heard of a half-frame film camera. Well, if there is one thing we love, it's talking about these cameras and how awesome they are!

In fact, we wrote an entire blog post all about them, which you can read here: 

If you don't have time to read the whole post, here's the basics. 

Ordinary film cameras are full-frame, which means they take photographs measuring 36mm by 24mm. This means you can take 24 or 36 exposures on the roll, depending on which roll you've got. 

Half-frame cameras can take double the amount of photographs on one roll, as each exposure is smaller. They measure around 24mm by 18mm. 

Diagram explaining frame sizes

Why should I use a half-frame?

You get double the amount of photographs on one roll. This means you have to buy less film, making it a little cheaper for you.

Most half-frame cameras are really compact, and can fit easily in your pocket.

5 of the Best Half-Frame Cameras

Let's get to the good stuff. Here are our recommendations for the five best 35mm half-frame cameras, and why we love them. 

5. Fujica Mini

Created for fashionable women to carry in their purses, this is one of the smallest 35mm film cameras on the market. Perhaps even THE smallest. It is smaller than the palm of my hand and is a true pocket-sized camera. 

As well as this, it has a manual aperture and a little light meter on top for exposing your shots correctly.

4. Olympus Pen EE

There are lots of different versions of the Olympus Pen half-frame cameras, so keep your eye on the numbers and letters that follow the "EE" part of the name. 

This particular one is one of the simplest, with a super compact body, ISO settings, and no focus settings. It is truly a point and shoot camera as you don't have any control over your settings unless you play with the ISO settings.

3. Canon Demi

One thing that we love about this camera is how streamline it is. It is also the most manual of all the cameras on this list. 

You have shutter speed, focus, aperture, and ISO settings. The meter on the top of the camera is super easy to read, so it is easy for beginners and a great camera to start learning film photography with without wasting lots of rolls (half-frame, remember?).

2. Olympus Pen EES-2

Very similar to the Olympus Trip, this camera has everything you need in a great little point and shoot for travelling. 

Manual focus, aperture settings, and automatic shutter speed assisted by the red flag function, this compact little beast is ready to go when you are.

Olympus Pen EES-2 cameras

1. Yashica Samurai

This camera has been on countless trips with me and is one of my favourite point and shoots. It is shaped like a vintage camcorder, making it super comfy to hold and use. 

It has every feature you will ever need, including a great lens that is super sharp, has a zoom, and always seems to nail the focus.

We hope this helps you to find your perfect half-frame camera. If you need more help, take our film camera quiz or drop us a message.

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