Featured Camera: The Olympus Mju II

A cult classic and incredibly popular in recent years, the Olympus Mju II is a mighty point and shoot 35mm film camera. There is a reason that these cameras are so popular, and we're here to give you the lowdown on everything about them.

Olympus Mju II features and camera review - everything you need to know about the Olympus Mju II

What is the Olympus Mju II?

The Olympus Mju II is the second camera in the Olympus Mju range. It was introduced in 1997, making it one of the more recent 35mm point and shoot film cameras.

The camera has lots of simple to use features that aren't uncommon on most 35mm point and shoot cameras. The thing that sets the Olympus Mju II apart from other point and shoot cameras on the market is its compact size and fantastically sharp lens.

The way Mju is pronounced rhymes with "pew", by the way.

What features does the Olympus Mju II have?

Pretty much every feature you need on a point and shoot.

Here is the full list: 

  • A super sharp 35mm f/2.8 lens
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.35m (closer than the Contax T2)
  • Autofocus with focus lock
  • 12 second self-timer
  • Auto-winding and rewind
  • Built-in flash with flash settings
  • LCD back with battery display and frame counter
  • Weatherproof casing (protects from light rain)
Olympus Mju II nomenclature from manual
Olympus Mju II nomenclature from manual

Which battery does the Olympus Mju II use?

The Olympus Mju II uses a CR123A battery. This is readily available at most stores, or online.

Is the Olympus Mju II waterproof?

The Olympus Mju II boasts a "all-weather" casing. But what this really means is that the camera is splashproof. You can use it in light rain and snow, but it is not waterproof. 

The additional features that make it splashproof are some small rubber seals around the casing of the camera (you may notice these in the back door). 

Why is the Olympus Mju II so popular?

The Olympus Mju II was popular from the day it was released. It was the winner of many awards, such as the 1997 European Camera of the Year. And it is as popular today as it was back then. 

The Olympus Mju II has a relatively unique look to it, as Olympus were one of the only brands to really push the sliding cover design and refine this on the Mju II. 

The camera is also super compact, and can easily fit in your pocket (even silly, small, jeans pockets). 

It is remarkably easy to use, so it is an easy camera to pick up as a beginner and to share around with your friends at an event or festival. 

These great design features do not compromise the camera's quality, however. The lens is super sharp and the camera produces fantastic, perfectly exposed, sharp images time and time again. 

A example image from the Olympus Mju II
An example image from the Olympus Mju II​​

How do I look after my Olympus Mju II?

As with any plastic bodied, vintage point and shoot, these cameras can be considered fragile. 


I highly recommend keeping your camera in a case, away from dust and sand, and in a dry space. Avoid damp and dusty places as much as possible. I also recommend taking the batteries out when storing the camera for periods longer than a month. 

We have a range of Olympus Mju camera cases available:

One of the areas of failure for this camera is the lens extension mechanism. For this reason, I would avoid turning it on and off excessively (even though it is fun to slide that front cover) and I would also avoid pushing on the lens when cleaning it.

View of Edinburgh taken on the Olympus Mju II
Example image​​ taken on the Olympus Mju II
View of Edinburgh taken on the Olympus Mju II
Example image​​ taken on the Olympus Mju II

Is the Olympus Mju II suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely. It is super easy to use, with minimal settings. The Olympus Mju II is lightweight and compact, making it ideal to take with you everywhere, so you can get to grips with using film. 

There are some cheaper options for people who are new to film and not ready to make the investment into a camera as expensive as the Olympus Mju II.

What alternatives are there to the Olympus Mju II?

Among the most expensive, plastic-bodied point and shoot film cameras, there are other options of 35mm film cameras that have similar lenses and features.

Here are some of our recommendations:

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