How to Get Out of A Creative Slump

The pandemic either boosted your creativity, or you've completely lost your mojo and have no desire to create photographs. Getting back into photography and finding the passion again can be really hard. Here are some tips we have for getting you out of a creative slump!

1. Go on a photo walk. 

Many of us think photo walks have to be done with other people, but you can do one by yourself. There is nothing better than just getting out there and making photographs. These don't have to be amazing, creative images; they could be photographs of anything you see on your walk. 

We have created a list of prompts for you to follow to help you out with this. Check them out here

2. Buy some of your favourite film or try a new type of film!

Go on. You can't take photographs if you don't have a film you are excited to use!

3. Look at other people's work. 

This may not work for some, but looking at what other photographers are up to and how you might photograph similar things, may inspire you to pick up your camera! This could go the other way and put you into a pit of despair, but let's not think like that. 

4. Clean your camera. 

It's long overdue anyway. And you know it. Appreciate that you hold a marvel of engineering and mechanics in your hands.

5. Watch photography videos. 

There are tonnes of videos out there to help inspire you to take photos again! Opt for something chilled and relaxing created by a photographer who's work interests you! 

Good luck!



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