The Cure For Your Lack of Inspiration

Lockdowns across the world have either given you an immense amount of time to go out and be creative or have stripped you of your creativity and you cannot imagine ever creating a photo again. (Yes, those are the two options, sorry.)

With restrictions starting to lift, we're now able to go out more and maybe even see some people. That's great, but motivating yourself to create photographs can be really hard, especially when you don't know what you want to create photographs of. 

We have created a list of prompts to act as a photowalk that you can do from anywhere in the world, whenever you feel like it.

There are 12 prompts, to fit nicely on a 24-exposure roll of film with two images for each prompt (or 36-exposure roll with lots of re-tries.) The aim of the prompts is just to get you back out there creating images. You may realise half-way through that you don't actually want to use any of the prompts and would rather photograph something you've seen and feel inspired by. 

The prompts are open to your own interpretations, so feel free to photograph whatever comes to mind when you read them. We would love to see the images you take, so please share them with us on our Instagram @camerasbymax

I scribbled these prompts down on a scrap piece of paper and carried it around with me whilst I created an image for each one. 

Here are prompts typed out for you to save on your phone or to copy out onto a piece of paper: 

1. Something 10 paces from your front door

2. A gap in something

3. A sign

4. Something you see everyday

5. A car

6. Line two things up

7. Something symmetrical

8. Look upwards

9. Look downwards

10. Crouch down

11. Something moving

12. A local landmark

We would love to see your images on Instagram or any other social media platform!


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