Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Use Film (At Least Once)

We are definitely biased, but we truly believe every photographer should use a roll of film at least once in their life. And here is why:

1. Scrapping your instant validation.

Digital photography gives photographers instant validation over the images they create. You snap an image, look at it straight away, and decide whether you like it or not. You then either feel good because you made a good image or you feel awful because it doesn't look how you wanted it to.

Not knowing what your film photograph looks like until you develop it means you aren't battling with yourself over whether you are good photographer or not while you are in the middle of creating photographs. 

2. Do you really know what each setting does on your camera?

I mean, you probably do. But how often do you put your camera on automatic mode and let it do some of the work? Using a manual film camera puts you in full control of how your images will look. You really get to grips with how each setting affects your final image. And you can take things as slowly as you like, which leads me on to my next point. 

3. Moments worth capturing. 

Every roll of film has a limited number of photographs to be taken, whether that's 24, 36 or 72 (woo, half-frame cameras)! Every time you line up a shot, you think to yourself: "is this worth taking a photograph of?"

You become more aware of the moments you think have value as a lasting photograph. You become more aware of what interests you as a subject of your photographs, and your style as a photographer.

4. Romance.

Using film is a romantic idea. It is nostalgic, filled with intrigue, and a slow practice (for most of us).

It reminds you of what it is to be a photographer, what truly matters to you, and what is worth filling your roll of film with.

So what are you waiting for? Renew your creativity as a photographer. 


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