Essentials for Your First Film Camera

Whether you are buying your first film camera or it has just arrived, there are extras you'll need to get the full potential from your new camera. Here is our guide on what accessories you will need for your new film camera.

Essentials for your first 35mm film camera

Making sure you have all the right accessories for your camera will mean that you will be able to create great images whilst keeping your camera clean and protected. This is our shopping list of accessories that everyone should consider purchasing when purchasing their new camera.

These accessories will help you to get the full potential from your camera and mean that you are not missing anything when your camera arrives.

1. Film 

The most obvious supply you'll need for your new camera is some film. Whether you want to use colour or black and white film, there are plenty of options available. You'll be surprised as to how long 36 exposures can last for sometimes. Once you start photographing, you'll get more of an idea for how many rolls of film you need to keep in stock for your adventures.

Browse our full collection of film here.

2. Camera Strap

Keep your camera secure when you're wandering around with a camera strap. Shoulder straps allow you to carry the camera around your neck and across your body. Some camera straps even come with battery holders for your spare batteries, and viewfinder covers.

Your camera strap doesn't have to be boring. There are some stunning vintage straps available, so consider getting a strap that matches the brand of your camera!

Wrist straps are great for people who carry their camera in a bag and only get it out to use it. The wrist strap becomes a protective measure when you may slip and drop the camera. 

Browse our full collection of camera straps here.

3. Lens Cap

Lens caps are used when you are not using your camera. Lens caps can help to preserve the light meter in your camera, particularly with cameras that have selenium light meters around their lenses. They can also help protect the front of your lens from scratches, dust, and debris.

Browse our full collection of lens caps here.

4. UV Filter

When using your camera, a UV filter provides protection for the front glass of your camera. These filters have little effect on your images, but they are an added layer of glass between the outside world and your precious front lens glass. Any scratches from cleaning and using your lens will be present on the filter and not your lens, which is much more expensive to replace. It can also help to protect the lens filter ring if your lens was dropped.

The size of filter you have to get will depend on the size of the front of your lens. This is different to the length of your lens (50mm, 28mm, etc.) Contact us if you are not sure which filter size your lens will need. 

Browse our full collection of filters here.

5. Camera Bag or Case

Another sure fire way to keep your camera secure is with a camera bag or case. We get lots of people in our emails with dropped and therefore broken cameras. Save yourself a lot of time and money by investing in a camera bag to keep your gear secure.

Browse our full collection of camera bags and cases here.

6. Instruction Manual

Your camera can seem complicated when it first arrives, and there may be some features it has that you weren't even aware of. You can save time and lots of searching by purchasing the manual for your camera. It will tell you everything you need to know about your new camera and how to use it properly.

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Your Camera Shopping List

Film - you will need film to load into your new camera to be able to take photos.

Camera strap - carry your camera safely and securely with a camera strap that can match the brand of your camera.

Lens cap - keep dust and debris off the front of your lens with a lens cap.

UV filter - prevent the front of your lens from scratches, dust, and debris with a protective UV filter.

Camera case - keep your camera safe with a case that fits your camera securely. 

Instruction manual - learn all the essentials of your new camera with the original camera instruction manual.

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