Cheaper Alternatives to The Olympus Mju II

You've heard of the Olympus Mju II, but these days, they command a high price tag. Here is our guide to some cheaper alternatives to the Olympus Mju II that are still great quality.

Olympus Mju II 35mm film camera

Why is the Olympus Mju II so expensive?

The Olympus Mju II has been one of the most talked about 35mm film cameras for the last few years. It has gained a kind of cult status among film photographers and people new to 35mm film photography. 

Hyped by Youtubers and heavily discussed as one of the best point and shoot cameras, the demand for the Olympus Mju II has gone up whilst the supply of great, working examples has gone down. 

The cost doesn't all come down to just hype and cult status, however. The camera does boast a great lens, quick autofocus, a super compact casing, and great metering system.

You can read more about the Olympus Mju II and our thoughts on it here:

What are some cheaper alternatives to the Olympus Mju II?

Let's get to the good stuff. Here are our recommendations for some great 35mm film cameras that pack as much punch as the Olympus Mju II without the price tag.

Olympus AF-10

Whilst the Olympus Mju II features a 35mm f/2.8 lens, the Olympus AF-10 boasts a great 35mm f/3.5 lens. Only one stop down in aperture, this lens is as sharp, clear, and high quality as the Olympus Mju II lens. 

The Olympus AF-10 is a little larger than the Olympus Mju II, but still incorporates a similar sliding cover for lens protection and turning the camera on.

Olympus Superzoom 800S

Most similar to the Olympus Mju II in design, this compact point and shoot camera has the advantage of a zoom lens, as well as all the other great features you can expect on an Olympus quality point and shoot camera. 

From the Olympus Superzoom 800S, you can expect a quiet pocket companion that delivers good quality images.

Olympus Mju I

Also from the Mju family of cameras, the Olympus Mju I was the version before the Olympus Mju II. It is compact, has a sliding cover, good lens, and is an all-round good camera. 

It is also a lot cheaper than the Olympus Mju II.

Canon Sure Shot EX

This camera on the list is probably the most different to the Olympus Mju II, but hear me out. The Canon Sure Shot EX has a fantastic and sharp 35mm f/4.5 lens. 

It also has some cool features, like continous shooting and a tilt feature on the bottom of the camera for self-portraits.

Pentax PC35AF-M

With a 35mm f/2.8 lens, this Pentax PC35AF-M is a mighty beast. It has great metering, a great lens, and feels sturdy and strong. 

The size is a little larger than the Olympus Mju II, but this camera is still plenty portable for photography on the go.

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